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Ozone Sanitization

Benefits against Bacteria and Unpleasant Odors.

To accompany the numerous machines of our production FELSINEA promotes, already for some time now for companies that want to ensure the safety of their products and of their employees, a range of ozonators that are now necessary in the catering and butchery sectors.

Why ozone?

Ozone is a natural gas that boasts a great oxidizing capacity that can eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses and because of this characteristic it is able to sanitize, fight bad odors and mold. The patented SanO3 program automatically sanitizes and deodorizes the entire area involved, guaranteeing maximum hygiene on the machine and thus on the processing that is carried out there. The pure advantage, which can be appreciated from the very first use, is the reduction of pathogens in the air and surfaces from which result benefits such as increased shelf life of food products, reduction of unpleasant odors, and increased operator comfort.



How and where does it work?

A powerful 28 g/h module converts oxygen to Ozone and is able to create in a few seconds a sufficient concentration to perfectly sterilize any environment: kitchens, cold rooms, blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, hotel rooms, offices, waiting rooms and all those spaces where sanitary safety is a priority. At the end of the program the Ozone naturally decays and quickly becomes again oxygen without leaving any residue, benefiting people and the environment. Simple, inexpensive, effective and non-residual. Each device is equipped with timers to program the treatment duration, sensors for monitoring ozone levels and standby mode for reducing energy consumption.

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banner articolo ozono.jpg
Benefits against Bacteria and Unpleasant Odors.
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