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La Felsinea

Passion in food processing

La Felsinea is one of the first manufacturers of professional food processing equipment in Italy. Its origins date back to 1933 when the prestigious company was founded in Bologna. Over the years, La Felsinea has managed to remain at the forefront of the industry, thanks to its commitment to innovation and continuous product improvement. The well-known brand with the Garisenda and Asinelli towers has always marked products that stand at the highest levels of quality in this type of equipment.

Today, La Felsinea's offices and production are located in Piazzola sul Brenta, just a few kilometers from Padua, in a modern production facility completed in 2002 and equipped with the most advanced technologies. In this new facility (easily accessible from the Padua West motorway exit), superior products in terms of design and construction are born, where advanced performance is combined with ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design.

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The company's goal is to create increasingly effective 'tools of the trade,' equipment that assists those working in various fields such as catering, bars, food distribution, butchery, and meat processing to perform their professions accurately, efficiently, quickly, hygienically, and safely. In this mission, La Felsinea is guided by its ability to listen to and fully understand customer needs, identifying the most suitable solutions to meet them. The customer, with their input and suggestions, is the most valuable source of information and guidance for improvement. La Felsinea's product range, already extraordinarily extensive, is continuously developed and updated. Among the most successful products are the numerous equipment for butchery and meat processing: meat grinders (provided in both simple and combined grinder-mixer versions), mixers, stuffers, bone saws, knife sterilizers, dispensers, and more.


La Felsinea has also established a strong presence in the field of professional kitchen equipment and the catering industry in general, offering various models of cutters, vegetable slicers, potato peelers, graters, grill plates, toasters, blenders, milkshake makers, juicers, whipped cream dispensers, display cases, and more. The products are often provided in diverse versions, allowing each customer to choose the one that best suits their needs. Compliance with international regulations regarding hygiene and safety is an essential starting point for success in this sensitive sector, closely related to people's safety and health. In this regard, La Felsinea is at the forefront, ready to embrace every evolution and progress. Another strong point of the company is its prompt, competent, and effective customer service, provided in Italy and abroad through a network of highly selected dealers.



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