Seals bags
S30 - 40 - 40C
Fast and easy to use sealers are indispensable devices for food management. These can seal all types of plastic bags for food, with thicknesses of up to 2mm and across a length of 300 or 400mm. The timer fitted at the front is used to seal bags of different thicknesses, while model S400/2T, fitted with a cutter, eliminates the remaining parts of the bags. Sealable materials: PPE, PP, LDPE, PVC

Product details

ModelS40 CE 230/50/1
Powerwatt 700
Sealing temperature°C 150 max
Sealing timesec. min.0,5
max 2,5
Sealing timesec. 1,5
Sealing lengthmm 200 ÷ 400
Sealing thicknessmm 0,5
Amm 75
Bmm 555
Cmm 260
Dmm 620
Net weightkg 4
Shippingmm 500x300x640
Gross weightkg 4,5
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Seals bags
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