Pizza peels and accessories
- Aluminium shovels, light and handy: cm 30x33 h.170 cm 33x33 h.170 cm 36x36 h.170 cm 45x45 h.170 cm 50x50 h.170 - Stainless steel little shovels with anti-burn anatomical hilt, available in two versions: Normal: cm ø 16 h.170 cm ø 18 h.170 cm ø 20 h.170 cm ø 26 h.170 Punched: cm ø 16 h.170 cm ø 18 h.170 cm ø 20 h.170 - Dustpan ash collecting h.170 - Natural fibre long-hoadled scrubbing-brush - Wall support to hanger 3 little shovels and 2 shovels - Wall support to hang little shovels - Column support to hang shovels pizza - Wall support to stand shovels - Wooden case to stand shovels - Stainless steel case to stand shovels - Firedog for firewood - Aluminium alloy puff-pierce - “Cacciapizza” pizza server shovel - Pizza cutter roller d. 90 mm - Stainless steel spatula cm 10 - Stainless steel spatula cm 12 - “Paletta Servipizza” pizza server, stainless steel cm 5x13 - Polyethylene cutting board ø cm 33 - Polyethylene cutting board ø cm 40 - Polyethylene cutting board ø cm 50

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