- Innovative rounded design and no sharp edges or visible screws. - Chrome plated ground and lapped slide rod. - Lapped cast iron slide rod bushing. - Vulcanised rubber stops on carriage. - Removable support cover for thickness gauge plate. - Stainless steel slice deflector with snap-on bayonet fitting. - Stainless steel screws and fittings. - Bottom cover for accessing electrical components. - Changeover electronic circuit 110-220-380 V single and three-phase. - Built-in sharpening tool with bottom protection. - Easy to remove grease guard mounted along the thickness gauge plate. - Plastic knob. - Rubber feet. - Buttons in insulated stainless steel (IP 67) in housing. - 48 mm distance between blade and motor.

Product details

ModelZIRCONIA 350 C CE 230/50/1
ø blademm 350 - inch. 14
Motorwatt 370 - Hp 0,50
Cut of thicknessmm 29
Run of carriagemm 310
Hoppermm 340x250
Amm 468
Bmm 338
Cmm 660
Dmm 685
Emm 530
Fmm 720
Gmm 560
Lmm 580
Xmm 250
Ymm 245
Hmm 245
Wmm 245
Net weightkg 38
Shippingmm 870x840x750
Gross weightkg 54
Product details_0Product details_1

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