X-PERT 350 A
- Construction entirely made of cast aluminum.
- Rosso Corsa red colour enameled body with
  food-grade epoxy powders.
- Connecting rod carriage movement.
- Details in contact with the product made of
  anodized aluminum.
- Special holding arm for cured meats BS2.
- Removable product pusher in stainless steel.
- Exclusive carriage disassembling system for
  easy cleaning.
- Controlled by color TFT touch screen.
- Automatic or semi-automatic operation
- Selection of continuous operation or with slice
  preset counter.
- Position and presence recognising system for
  the sharpener for work functions, cleaning, etc.
- In the event of a power failure, the gauge plate
  closes automatically.
- Automatic opening and closing of the gauge
- Semi-automatic: electric motor for the blade,
  and manual flywheel movement of the carriage,
  for a traditional cut.
- Automatic: blade and carriage automated, the
  flywheel is disengaged.

Product details

ModelX-PERT 350 A
Power source230V 50Hz F+N
Motor650 watt
BladeØ 350 mm / 14"
Cut thicknessmm 3
Run of carriagemm 286
A612 mm
B382 mm
C893 mm
D749 mm
E601 mm
F643 mm
L74 mm
X300 mm
Y235 mm
H235 mm
W235 mm
Net weight105 Kg
Product details_0

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