- Painted aluminium body. - Anodized aluminium components. - Ergonomic food-presser made of die-cast aluminum with teeth shaped to best block the product to cut. - Wide space between motor and blade for easy cleaning. - Ventilated motor for continuous work. - Carriage running on self-lubricating bushes and lapped pins. - Cast-in sharpener body assembly with 2 standard emery-wheels. - Compact dimensions but great cutting capacity. - Devise for releasing the carriage on CE version. - 25° blade inclination.

Product details

ModelSTART 220 CE 230/50/1
ø blademm 220 - inch.9
Motorwatt 132 - Hp 0,18
Cut thicknessmm 13
Run of carriagrmm 247
Hoppermm 225x240
Amm 405
Bmm 245
Cmm 480
Dmm 460
Emm 365
Fmm 555
Gmm 466
Lmm 495
Xmm 220
Ymm 135
Hmm 170
Wmm 160
Net weightkg 15
Shippingmm 600x500x420
Gross weightkg 17
Product details_0Product details_1

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