- 300 mm (12”) blade Flywheel slicer. - Polished and painted aluminum construction. - Featuring stainless steel and silver anodized aluminum details. - Patented motion system with no visible mechanical parts. - Table featuring a lateral movement with a double articulating arm BS1 to firmly hold and smoothly slide the produce through. - Removable carriage for ease of cleaning. - Simple, yet stylish Italian design, rounded for ease of cleaning. - The only one featuring a removable carriage. - Easy to clean and disassemble without tools.

Product details

ø blademm 300 - inch. 12
Cut thicknessmm 3
Run of carriagemm 285
Hoppermm 270x295
Amm 520
Bmm 180
Cmm 770
Dmm 625
Emm 510
Fmm 855
Gmm 590
Lmm 90
Xmm 270
Ymm 200
Hmm 200
Wmm 200
Net weightkg 60
Shippingmm 960x920x860
Net weightkg 78
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