Potato peelers
PPR 10 2V P - V
• Made from AISI 304 Stainless steel. • Self-tensioning poli-V belt drive. • High efficency ventilated motors for continuous operation. • Stainless steel peeling disc. • Easy to replace abrasive surface. • Patented removable dishwashing safe container and bottom peeling disc (no tools required) • Automatic unloading system. • Stainless stell outlet opening with quick and sealed locking. • Adjustable S/S feet can be fixed to the floor. • Easy service and easy access to the components. • CE version with: Microswitch on the lid Microswitch on outlet opening • 2 speeds version potato peeler/vegetable drier (PP/AV) requires drier basket. • Optional: Vegetable drier basket Longer opening for shopping bags. Fast water inlet connection. S/S trestle and sieve.

Product details

ModelPPR 10 2V P/V CE 400/50/3
PowerWatt 368-552 - Hp 0,50-0,75
Power source3ph
Revolutionsr.p.m. 320/450
CapacityKg 10 - lt 20
Output/h.kg/h. 170
Amm 203
Bmm 282
Cmm 470
Dmm 775
Emm 1050
Fmm 1310
Net weightKg 52
Shippingmm 720x570x1200
Gross weightKg 62
Product details_0

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Potato peelers
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Potato peelers
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Potato peelers
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