PM 40
- Machine body made from large thickness powder coated steel - bowl protection made from metal wire - easy to remove bowl made from stainless
steel 304 - safety microswitches for the lid and the bowl - 3 easy to remove metal tools: aluminium spatula
and hook, steel and aluminium whisk - 3 speed gear - steel gear box - ventilated motor - control with speed control - PTO.

Product details

ModelPM 40 3 SPEED CE 400/50/3
Powerwatt 2200
Power source3ph
Whisk revolutions1 = 99
2 = 221
3 = 307
Bowl capacitylt 40
Bowl dimensionsmm ◘ 400 x 380
Amm 670
Bmm 784
Cmm 707
Dmm 698
Emm 1316
Net weightkg 223
Shippingmm 860x790x1500
Gross weightkg 267
Product details_0

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