Meat processing
TCQ 22
- AISI 304 stainless steel construction - Powerful IP 55 insulated and fan-cooled motors for continuous use - Endless screw motor-reducer running in an oil-bath enables a long service life - Motor-reducer equipped with a double seal for long, trouble-free service - Convenient head interlock mechanism (CE versions) - Stainless steel mincing head carefully designed for high yeld production - Feed tray designed with square neck for outstanding performance - Feed tray provided with safety interlock (CE versions) - Stainless steel IP 67 protected controls with reverse. Options: - Interlock protection for more than 8 mm holes plates. (An interlock protection system is required in order to utilize more than 8 mm holes plates) - Partial or total Unger system mincing head - Plexiglass feed tray lid - Patty-forming attachment FORMAT M.

Product details

ModelTCQ 22 CE 230/50/1
Power1ph watt 1100/Hp 1,5 - 3ph watt 1472/Hp 2
Power source1ph/3ph
Output/ 350
Standard plateø mm 4,5
Amm 374
Bmm 221
Cmm 505
Dmm 436
Emm 111
Fmm 424
Gmm 533
Net weightkg 36
Shippingmm 750x580x800
Gross weightkg 39
Product details_0Product details_1

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