Meat processing
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IoT machine manageable in the cloud with RCS platform

- Refrigerated laboratory meat mincer for maximum hygienic safety and for heavy duty - Powerful 4 HP self-ventilated IP 55 motors for continuous use - Machine body entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel - Oil bath reducer with ground gears and double oil seal protection system - Practical head fixing with interlocked fixing lever (CE) - High production grinding head sett completely in stainless steel - Square introduction neck for high productivity even in the second pass - Refrigeration on the neck, head and hopper - Removable interlocked 21 liter hopper (CE) with neck up to the grinding area - IP 67 stainless steel control buttons with reverse and interchangeable silicone protection - Designed for quick and easy internal inspection Optionals: - Guard system for plates with hole> 8 mm - Unger head 3 pcs or 5 pcs - Format M hamburger attachment - 150 Watt refrigeration system - Giant 31 liter hopper - Medium st steel legs with wheels and brake - Removable stainless steel tray holder - Sausage filler attachment - SRCS wifi control board

Product details

ModelTC 32 SM ICE 4 HP CE 400/50/3
Powerwatt 3.190 - Hp 4
Power source3ph
Output/ 700
Standard plateø mm 4,5
Amm 485
Bmm 305
Cmm 648
Dmm 539
Emm 213
Fmm 590
Gmm 689
A1mm 581
B1mm 501
C1mm 648
D1mm 666
Xmm 623
Ymm 1.000
Zmm 1099
Umm 76
Vmm 76
Net wetghtkg 62
Shippingmm 640x760x850
Gross weightkg 80
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