Meat processing
SO 2020 X
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IoT machine manageable in the cloud with RCS platform

- Made out of stainless steel AISI 304.
- Calibrated pulleys built out of polished
- Airtight bearings on upper pulley.
- Powerful asynchronous and ventilated motors
  protected by sealing oil sump.
- 24V controls with safety micro-switch on door
  and tray, redundant ECU and motor brake (EC).
- Quick upper pulley releasing mechanism that
  makes it easier to clean and change the blade.
- Easily removable and replaceable scrapers.
- Single-phase motors with heat guard
  (standard feature).
- Can be cleaned with a water spray
  (no high pressure).
- Controls in stainless steel class IP 67.
- The machines use tempered 16 mm blades
  to shred bone, frozen or fresh.

Product details

ModelSO 2020 X
Blade lenghtmm 2020
MotorHP 1,5 - giri 1400
Pulleymm 210
Working surfacemm 475x490
A253 mm
B346 mm
C568 mm
D560 mm
E710 mm
F930 mm
G1030 mm
H290 mm
L236 mm
M362 mm
Net weightKg 61
Shippingmm 760x640x1430
Gross weightKg 63

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