Bowl cutters
- Sturdy body in die-cast and extruded aluminium. - Motor and tank side-by-side, allowing the product to be isolated from the heat. - S/S bowl with handles and heavy bottom. - High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation - Strong cutlery steel knives. - Safety micro-switch on lid. - Micro-switch on lever. - Lid in transparent Tritan allowing excellent visibility during processing. - Lid with opening to add ingredients during operation. - Standard: spatula and sharpening stones. - Asynchronous motor with inverter for adjusting the power at all speeds. - Processing speed up to 3,500 g / m. - Knife hub in stainless steel. - Scraper spatula for cleaning the tank and lid during processing. Options: - Hub with toothed blades. - Hub with holed blades. - Hub for pesto. - Hub for dough mixes. - Scraper spatula for cleaning the tank and lid during processing.

Product details

ModelC 9 EVO PLUS CE 230/50/1
Powerwatt 1.500 - Hp 2
Bowl capacitylt 9,4
Bowl filling levellt 5,4
Revolutionsrpm 600÷3.500
Amm 244
Bmm 443
Cmm 319
Dmm 560
Emm 348
Fmm 420
Net weightkg 30
Shippingmm 365x600x485
Gross weightkg 33
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