Induction hob
IH 35 BI
- The induction hobs are easy to install on every working surface in kitchens, restaurants or dining rooms - High visibility LED display - Practical IP67 touch control display - Double control of temperature and power supply - Extremely easy to use and to clean - Cooking surface in tempered glass - Induction hobs are energy saving thanks to heating efficiency and no need to heat up

Product details

ModelPIAS.IND.IH 35 BI CE 230/50-60
Powerwatt 3.500
Power source1ph
Useful surfacemm 380x360
Amm 338
Bmm 358
Cmm 116
Dmm 360
Emm 380
Fmm 370
Gmm 350
Hmm 187
Lmm 80
Net weightkg 4,2
Shippingmm 350x395x130
Gross weightkg 5,2
Product details_0Product details_1

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